Swindon recently reached out to me on Facebook asking for a photographer to take her graduation pictures and to be honest, I got really excited since this was my first client that wasn't either a family or a friend I knew at the time!
Swindon is graduating with a degree in Human Development and she loved volunteering at a local non-profit clinic called the Athens Nurses Clinic. She plans on going to nursing school; however, she's still determining whether she will go this Fall or take a gap year and then go back. Swindon loves sports, especially English Premier League soccer.
One of her favorite moments in her college career was when the Dawgs beat LSU her freshmen year (Fall 2013). She still has the video of the win on my phone and watches it time to time. If Swindon had to give advice to any other students, she would say it's okay for your plans to change, whether that's changing majors or friendships. Take your time in deciding what makes you happy and test the waters. Definitely get an internship or volunteer in an area you decide you might want to make a career, just to make sure it's what you want to do. And it's okay to change your mind!
Congratulations Swindon! I had so much fun taking your graduation pictures! :)
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