Diversity. It is about time that I start diversifying my portfolio with people of different ethnicities! And my heart jumps knowing that my college mentor and former advisor, Dashan, is the one to be apart of my now more colorful portfolio!
Dashan studied as a full-time student in Sports Management and he also worked full-time as a hall director for University Housing.
Dashan has played a huge role in my personal and professional development when I was the President of my dormitory community my freshmen year. Anytime I had a problem, he would make time to be available and advise me what my steps should be. He is like my older brother to me and I'm thankful for what he's done for me! Needless to say, I've always seen Dashan as my role model, and I say this because, he is extremely hard-working, loves to share laughs, and is successful for in his life. He works a full-time job on top of being a full-time student AND he's graduating! This man works and is great at it!
Dashan, you will always be my role model. I can only wish to be half the man you are. Your work ethic, compassion and dedication to those closest to you is what makes you amazing. I love you very much and I wish the best future after you graduate from UGA!
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